About writing

About writing is a research project about the experience of writing in digital (computer)-system. It proposes a digital writing ductus, in other words: a visual representation of individual writing styles.

European Design Award

Long Night of the Sciences 2.0, Free University of Bolzano
TalkingType, Pavillion des ehem. Versorgungsamtes – Karlsruhe
ACM SIGGRAPH 2010, LA Convention Center – Los Angeles
NODE 10 – Forum for digital Arts, Frankfurter Kunstverein – Frankfurt am Main
Diplorama, Free University of Bolzano

Daniel Tauber. 2010. Digital writing ductus: a visual representation of individual writing styles.


About writing consists of several custom softwares for typing experiences that opposed to linear word processing render visible individual writing styles on a personal computer using responsive typography. The aim is to achieve a unique and personal representation of text analogous to handwriting.

Writing allows us to preserve and transmit meaning, generate information and express ourselves as individuals. A text written by hand contains along the linguistic semantic level a second level of metainformation including traces of personality, the individual style of writing and even the persons moods. Nowadays we are writing the bigger part using a keyboard on a computer producing linear, optimized and standardized text.