Hacking DNA Forensics?
This research project started out as a speculative investigation into genetic privacy. And ended up with the discovery that through using synthetic biology DNA-Profiling can be subverted.

Show RCA 2014, Kensington Gore, London


Biotechnologies are moving out of the lab and onto the street. The cost per genome-sequencing is dropping faster then Moore’s Law. In the near future genetic information is going to play a crucial role in health, insurance, criminality, identification, evidence, ancestry and paternity. For various reasons people will want to protect their genetic information.

But how vulnerable are today’s biosecurity systems to subversion? With the help of a scientific advisor i discovered, that through using synthetic biology DNA-Profiling can be subverted relatively easy and cheaply. Both in a targeted and in a widespread manner. The method to do so has not been publicly disclosed. For further information please get in touch.