Computer chatting

Computer chatting is an experimental research project inspired by the idea of how computer would communicate. The project is both a installation, artwork and a tool for experimenting with typography and images.

output award

TalkingType, Pavillion des ehem. Versorgungsamtes – Karlsruhe


The basic setup consists of two Apple MacBookPro computers that are facing each other screen to screen. Their built-in webcams are observing the opponent’s monitor. It’s like they can “see” each other.

The application is based on a tracking library programmed using vvvv. Once started the two computers enter an open feedback system of observing, tracking and displaying. This system can be triggered manually with every kind of visual input the computers then take into process. Outside influences as the lighting conditions, reflections, monitor angles, webcam settings and CPU power highly affect the system. So it easily mutates, evolves and changes unexpectedly.

This process of digital-decay generates very interesting typographic results and is transferable to almost any typeface. Bembo Decadence is an example of how this process of digital decomposition is applied. Pixel per pixel legibility evaporates.